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Jul 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
a booster shot there is in all adults to give back some is the lid down in texas them too young. right now all 8% to two adults get the vaccine dr. john the book cbs news new york. will that happen before you step in the wrong way new approach the bridge toll if you do a fast track for cash you can actually get hit with a $25 fine. reportedly was uncovered a way of too little out of that. the we went to the senate agrees to be short rock. a crash susan larsen and her boyfriend rarely use the bay area bridges the they say it did no there have to be a tall on the bridge. did we we didn't get any toll bridges on the way they're so we assume the way back wouldn't go through any. the didn't have cash to the bridge doesn't take checks are credits to tell me there be a fee. but it did know how much was going to be. turns out as a $25 fee. television may be some but a criminal $25 for television and i couldn't believe it. you don't have any cash just go through the toll plaza it received a violation notice there's room on therefore written explanation vast tracts john gibbons says it cannot repeo
Jul 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
at the university of texas law michael simon wrote right are nevertheless it hurt it in another minute delay the flight of all was flying over what's to chile and their lead no. i'm, as if it's in the controls you're not catching the autopilot sense of its own magic navigation solution and you can manipulate it left to right upper down. the exercise is in conjunction with the arm of the common security would seem to raise some concerns about vulnerabilities in the domestic use of drones. once you have this silly to have a list of bond but it is believed to way between eight and 900 lbs.. >>> their job is to save lives but tonight's seventh florida lifeguards are out of a job for a decision to rescue a drowning man. tomas lopez police swimmer from the water monday the problem the man was outside the zone that the lifeguard and company is contracted to projects. lopez was fired on the spot. he says he has no regrets. >>> and when my job and went help someone. i'm going to do what i felt was right and i did. and by see anyone regardless of reuter save him on a lifeguard and as a human i'm goi
Jul 27, 2012 11:00pm PDT
and some of the ones moving former assemblyman chuck the board took off to texas according to washington times reports citing high taxes. >>> today and even republican party. and on his youtube channel assembly in nathan fletcher announced the moves you from republicans and independents. democrats playmaking increasingly conservative national agenda. degrees this is where the grass roots efforts really needs to support them if they have no money is good to give democrats the possibility of winning two- thirds of the house. the equates where some strategists see doom he sees opportunity. democrats of seen the senate and assembly and gov. step and we had nearly 11 percent unemployment. he says it's all a matter of control in the state gop's message. and attract the more multi-cultural following but that is going to take time and money but it's unclear the state gop has. in oakland kristen air cbs five. prior colossi we prelate will assess the river california has more than $2 billion in public funds cutting red and insights the state department of finance says it's more like a billion dol
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)